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Backoflabel helps you save time and money

"This is great. I wish this existed 10 years ago as I had struggled to find this information and eventually gave up. Bookmarked" U/throwoutway (Hacker News)

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Designed for focus and power

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Product Data made easy

Save hours researching products, Instantly.
- Browse by Ingredient
- Filter by liquid, tablet, capsule, powder, & more
- Browse by UPC Code
- Dosage (Individual, Serving, Total) For Single Ingredient Items
- No. Individual Serving
- No. Manufacturer Serving

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Confidently search fine-tuned ingredient data

Search for specific ingredients to generate lists containing required attributes. Eg. A "Magnesium L-Threonate" query will result in 13 products across 10 brands. Or try searching for Ubiquinone vs Ubiquinol (two types of Coenzyme Q-10. Save hours comparing products. Note: You need to sign in to access these results as the live demo is limited to 2000 rows. Making an account is free.

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Dig deep into company sourcing

- Manufacturing Location
- Ingredient sourcing
- cGMP/GMP Status
- Product Label
- Category
- Company Warning
- Company Warning Source


A wide range of product attributes in one place

Take control over your healthcare choices with efficient and organized data

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Primary Ingredient

Browse thousands of supplements by ingredient choice. Have you ever wanted to find the protein powder that has the most grams of protein per standardized serving? Now you can. For 1500+ ingredients - from NMN to whey protein.

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Evidence First

Want only the most proven supplements? We read the peer-reviewed studies so you can make the best possible choice.

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Ingredient, Product & Company Warnings

A worrying percentage of supplements are unregulated, and consumers are unaware of the undisclosed side effects. The FDA does not require pre-market approval for dietary supplements! We dig deeper into products to inform consumers.

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Factory Location

Find out where your supplements are made and sourced. We contact companies directly to confirm manufacturing locations. This is important as certain countries have weaker regulations.

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cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and GMP Regulations are FDA enforced standards for drug manufacturers.

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Consumer Sentiment Analysis

We search through popular websites including Reddit to find out what consumers really think. Then we summarise the most relevant and insightful comments. By evaluating ingredients not products we minimise astroturfing/ fake comments.

Shopping for supplements is hard.

BackOfLabel makes it possible to compare products across brands instantly.

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Standardized dosages

Search by specific ingredient (eg. magnesium threonate vs magnesium glycinate), serving dosage, total dosage & more

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Manually verified data

Every data point is collected and verified by a human. Not a robot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to find the best supplements and was tired of spending hours comparing products. Finding the best supplements was often difficult due to the lack of regulation, misleading claims and labelling that plague the industry. So, BackOfLabel was created to give people an efficient way to search products, companies and ingredients (if you want to help work on this, I am looking for a react native developer

All our data points, every cell in our database, is publicly available. Our process is simple and straightforward. We purchase the product to verify the label and/or find an image of the product through publicly available sources. All data is collected by hand, without reliance on scrapers.

Email me at There is no guarantee that your product will be added unless community support is received.

I currently consult longevity companies, brands and individuals when it comes to supplement information and identifying top products. Contact me at Current rate is 125 USD/hr but I'm happy to help and will reply to individual questions!

Shopping for supplements is hard. BackOfLabel puts the power back in your hands. We help make hidden information visible. We provide insights that go beyond the marketing claims so you know what you're putting in your body.

Every data point is collected by a human, and we spend hundreds of hours per month to verify it. Our basic functionality is free for consumers and always will be. For healthcare/government agencies requiring enterprise DaaS solutions please email